Variflex Trampoline Review

Variflex is a brand that is sold by Bravo Sports. They make several different product lines with Variflex being just one. They also make Airzone trampolines (see here for our Airzone trampoline reviews) but this will just be a Variflex trampoline review.

Their product line can be very confusing at times. Some of their trampolines use standard springs to provide bounce. Others are springless and use large elastic bands.

To make it just a little more confusing, often times the trampolines sold as Airzone are just Variflex springless trampolines in a different color.

With that said, let’s look at the various Variflex trampolines you can buy.

Most of the trampolines are circular. Their sizes are:
8 foot (rated for 175 pounds)
12 foot (rated for 200 pounds)
13 foot
14 foot

You might also find a rectangular 8 foot by 12 foot Variflex branded trampoline. It uses springs.


The highlight of the springless models is increased safety. By not having little areas where you or your child’s body can get pinched you can have a more worry-free experience. This increased safety comes at the cost of bounce quality: the elastic bands simply don’t provide as much boost as springs.

If you buy a Variflex trampoline with traditional steel springs you will get a higher and better bounce. The downside (and this is true for any spring trampoline) is you could get pinched.


On all models the frame is made of cheap 18 gauge steel. Better trampolines use thicker and sturdier steel for the frame. In fact, professional trampolines are sometimes 2-3x sturdier. What does this mean for you? It means the trampoline frame is going to be more prone to breaking apart.

There are even videos of people breaking the frame on the Variflex trampoline simply by jumping too hard.

Safety Enclosure:

You can buy the safety enclosure with the trampoline or separately. It is the policy to recommend always buying the enclosure.

The enclosure itself is made of thinner mesh netting than the trampoline mat itself. It’s stiff and to be honest, I would worry about falling through it.

Additionally the safety enclosure poles are covered in non-treated foam. When exposed to sunlight this kind of foam could break down. So after one summer of jumping, the safety poles could become a hazard themselves.


You can buy Variflex trampolines for usually under $500 on the larger models. Is it worth it? Not if you’re big or going to be doing any serious jumping. The small models (with enclosure) could be appropriate for a small child who does not use it much. Just watch for signs of the frame breaking and throw it away if it starts to degrade.

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  • shooter games

    how can i download the updates or rss url?

  • sra. soto

    hola, quiero saber donde puedo comprar un trampoline en los angeles, california y en que tienda y cuanto cuesta busco uno con diametro de 40′ 50′ espero su repuesta

  • shari

    i bought a 12″ variflex trampoline with enclosure and i regret it so much….it was so cheaply made and i am disgusted that they even put that product out on a store shelf, i expected way better and more durable materials and construction, so dissapointing! And the joke of a warranty and customer service is sickening!

  • Mary Anne

    We’ve had one Variflex trampoline since 2007. While it is now showing considerable wear, we’ve enjoyed many good years. Our kids, their friends and the neighborhood kids, some of whom have their own trampolines, have spent countless hours on it.

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