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Before we get into discussing the actual models that Springfree makes, I’d like to share with you little about the company first. I’m always very happy to share with my readers anyway they can have their children use a trampoline as safely as possible. That is why I’m pleased to share with you a brand of trampoline that I feel is truly built around your children’s safety.

Springfree Trampolines are designed to be as safe as possible for children. The company, called Springfree Trampolines as well, was developed by a New Zealand engineer. Over 15 years ago when he set out to buy trampoline for his children he was horrified to read the statistics about how many children are injured by trampolines every year.

With a goal in mind – make as safe trampoline as possible – he started the journey that was finally finished in 2003 with the first commercial release of his trampoline.

Safety First

All Springfree trampolines are built with safety in mind. That is why they have removed all of the traditional high impact surfaces that you can get hurt on, and removed as many other safety problems as possible.

#1 Their trampolines do not have the normal steel coil springs you would find elsewhere. Instead they use flexible fiberglass rods that are underneath the jumping surface. This means that you can’t get your feet stuck in them.

#2 They also have made it impossible for you to hit the frame on your trampoline. The frame is actually underneath of the jumping mat. While other trampolines have the metal frame exposed outside, you cannot fall off a Springfree trampoline and hit the frame.

#3 And because there is no frame to guard against, you do not have to use padding to protect the edges. But even then, Springfree has gone ahead and manufactured the outer edges of the jumping surface to be over 30 times as shock absorbent as a traditional pad.

#4 And lastly, like all good trampolines, their products have a built-in safety cage. But taking safety a step further, their safety cage does not let you run into a heavy metal pole or the frame. Instead the cage bends with you and pushes you back towards the center of the trampoline.

Here is a brief video of the original creator explains how the safety features in his net can prevent your child (or you!) from getting injured on his trampoline:

Springfree Trampoline Current Models

At the time of this review they currently have five trampoline models for sale.

They range in size from 8 feet circular to a 13 x 13 square. All of their models are named starting with a letter then followed by some numbers. Here is how to understand their sizes:

R54 and R79 – these are their round models. The number and the model name correspond roughly to the square footage of the jumping surface. The R54 is an 8 foot trampoline and the R79 is a 10 foot trampoline. The R54 is really only suited for small children because it is rated for only 150 pounds. All of their other models are rated for 220 pounds though.

O92 – they consider this to be their large oval model and has a jumping surface of 8 x 13 feet. This model is perfect for the whole family or somebody who has a smaller yard.

S113 and S155 – these are the large square trampolines. The S113 is an 11 foot square and the S155 is a 13 foot square. If you’re going to fit the larger model in your backyard, it will require a fair amount of space. The 11 x 11′ model though is a good in-between and is a good choice for you to purchase.


There are two things to keep in mind if you decide to buy Springfree trampolines.

The first point is that the zipper door that you enter the trampoline surface with does not close behind you. Some other trampoline manufacturers have designed double zipper or self-closing doorways. Keep in mind that you will always need to make sure that the jumper closes the zipper behind himself before starting.

Secondly, due to the way all of their models are designed with a latterly rotating fiberglass rod system to provide the bounce, you will have to work harder on their trampolines. I have not done any measurements on the actual work required to jump high on a spring-free versus a spring trampoline. But judging from what some consumers online say, they can tell a difference.

Is that a problem though? In my opinion, it is not. If you are looking for a professional level trampoline the Springfree is probably not going to be the right model for you. But for the average consumer, who simply wants to have a safe and high-quality trampoline, I believe it is okay.

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  • Shawn Cloak

    I purchased a spring for trampoline in December 2013 I had an issue with it for months later they are not very customer friendly not helpful and having a very hard time getting the warranty handled in a professional manner would not recommend.

  • Shawn Cloak

    Continued for my last review the Part is $2.50 plus shipping I told him I was out of the country for two weeks but please contact the distributor in Berlin New Jersey superior play systems for a copy of the invoice if needed still getting the runaround think twice before purchasing one of their products. More reviews the follow.

  • Springfree Owner

    I recently purchased a Springfree for my kids, absolutely love it. You’re correct in saying that you need to work a bit harder for that higher bounce. Totally not an issue though, because your kids end up tiring themselves out even more and they don’t even realize it!

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