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[Editor note: Previously we said that Sportspower Trampolines could not support the weight of an adult. This was incorrect. The information we relied was faulty and Sportspower trampolines can indeed support the weight of an adult and are rated for 220 pounds per user.]

Sportspower trampolines come in 3 different sizes:

12 foot
14 foot
15 foot

All Sportspower trampolines are basically the same, with the only difference being the size. For Sportspower trampolines, it is recommended that you get an anchor system. They are not too expensive, but it does add about $50 to the total cost.

Also, the frame is galvanized.

Our stance at is that we do not recommend you buy a Sportspower trampoline. The money you spend on them will be better spent on a trampoline that costs more.

An extra note about Sportspower trampolines: If you do purchase a Sportspower trampoline, please purchase an anchor system.

If you get a trampoline that the frame rusts out of or breaks, that usually cannot be repaired and you need to get a new one.

I understand it’s tough to afford expensive fitness equipment. Especially when a professional trampoline costs $500+. But in the long run, buying the best trampoline you can afford for your kids (assuming they will use it for more than 2 years) is really a cheaper option.

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    I purchased a 12ft Sportspower trampoline for my daughter for Christmas by march windstorm blew it over and broke the frame. Called the Customer service line (which took about ten attempts to get a person on the phone)to get a replacement part. Not covered under the frame warranty of course and was told part was backordered 7 or 8 weeks. Called back (again about 5 attempts to get a person to answer)about 6 weeks later and was told sorry probably another 4 weeks or so for parts…Would not recommend this company to anyone. Spend alittle extra money for one that is better constructed and has a better customer service dept…..



  • Jessica

    Anyone have the customer service number for the sportspower trampoline?

  • Frank Nazem

    Our Trampolines is just one year old. Springs are loose . I did purchase 15 Pcs from you ,is not enough . It is too much money to replace them. Please let me know what I have to do?

  • Laurie

    We have had our Sportspower trampoline for less than a year. Yesterday my 13 year old son fell through the safety net and hit his head on a cement wall. Obviously the safety net is of VERY poor quality and should not rip right down the middle. Upon searching the internet, I found a report of the exact same problem. I am going to contact the manufacturer, but am not sure I am even interested in a replacement net. Very disappointing product! Would NOT recommend.

    • Kelly Pyles

      I have to say we had the same problem, with the safety net my daughter put a hole in it as it stopped her! These should have been recalled! Ours has completely disintegrated now and is no long up because it up because it just keep ripping every where, they wanted to do nothing about it!

  • Tricia

    We bought the trampoline as a christmas present. We didn’t put it together until May, because we had snow until then. My kids used it for about a month and it lost it’s bounce. The springs had stretched and the mat is bad. We have called and email the company and have received no help. We also went to Walmart and since we bought it in December but didn’t use it until May(which they know we had snow until then) they wouldn’t help us. We thought about replacing the springs but I am not sure that will help. Don’t buy this product. Spend a little more money and get a better product.

  • Francie

    I bought the 14ft. trampoline for our three kids in May. Last weekend,(which was two months later), there was a strong wind storm in our area and it blew the trampoline over the garage and into the neighbor’s yard. It’s completely ruined. What a huge waste of money; not to mention a huge dissapointment to the kids! Don’t buy this product!!

    • Walter

      The same thing happened to me. I am trying to fix mine though. Do you still have the old parts. I need 2 frame pieces for the trampoline and 4 frame pieces for the enclosure.

  • Matt Earley

    We have had our sportspower trampoline for about 5 months now. Yesterday my 60 pound, 11 year old flew right through the safety net!! Two broken bones in her forearm and a 4 hour ER visit later, I am questioning how “safe” this thing really is!! We do NOT recommend this product! Contact with the manufacturer=PENDING. Where’s the star meter…..they get zero stars in my book!!!!

  • Billie Blitch

    We bought my daughter and nephew the 14′ Sportspower trampoline with safety net and bonus flashlight zone this past Christmas. From the second time it was jumped on the flashlight zone stopped working. Then on July 25th my 10y/o daughter fell right throught the safety net! We spent 6 hrs in the ER to be referred to an orthopaedic the next day to find out that she fractured her elbow. Needless to say, I have many concerns with this trampoline and “safety net”. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone.

  • Chrissy

    I bought the 14′ sportspower trampoline with the flashing light this past December for my three children a’s a Christmas gift. So we have had it now for 8months & it has worked GREAT! It gets really windy where we live so after the first month or so of having the trampoline up it looked like it was going to blow away so we took some metal stakes pounded them into the ground and tied it got the trampoline with metal wire to make it secure & has since then never given us any problems…….until about a week ago when my son decided to poke a fist size hole into the net with a stick that he was pretending to be a sword. So now because of the wind the hole is no longer the size of my fist, the bottom half of the tent has now ripped halfway around the trampoline. Well now I figure I should just try to buy a new net over the Internet & have discovered the outrageous price of $100 or more just for NET! Yeah right; I originally only paid $175 for this trampoline! Having to pay bogus prices on parts makes me disappointed with this product but other then that my trampoline works wonders, has not rusted, had any springs break and most importantly my kids have not had any broken bones…… far! ;)

  • Josh Wolf

    Trampoline its self is holdin up good. “SAFETY NET IS JUNK” Have had only for 4 months and net is completly trashed. I no longer allow my children to use it until I find some kind of replacement net. The company need to put alittle more attention into the safety net. This is the one part that can possabley prevent very serious injuries to children. I have e-mail the company and I’m currentyly awaiting a responce.


    We have only had this trampoline for a year, the net is completely dry rotted and ruined will definately replace with a better quality trampoline.

  • Marty

    Ours safety net riped when our son ran into it, he broke through while holding a baby and hit the ground on his head. Concusion!

    Call 1-800-762-4533

  • Jodie

    Got 15ft Dec 2009. Net didn’t last long but we made it work for an extra year. Boys have not used trampoline all summer (2011) due to AZ heat & storm finally destroying net. I bought a replacement net ($100) this week, put it on and sent them out to test it. Springs are popping off. Now we need a new mat. That’s another $100+. This trampoline wasn’t cheap and I read tons of reviews. I know AZ heat is hard on stuff but I think it should have lasted more than 1 1/2yrs.

  • T

    Safety net is terrible. Had this trampoline less than a year and also purchased at local Walmart black friday sales. The net just rips for no reason and kids fall off. Not a happy parent.

  • Russ

    I purchased a 15foot Sportspower last year for my 3 sons. I installed the undermount light as per instructions. My sons jumped on it all of last summer and had some fun. Didn’t have a problem with it blowing away, even during hurricane Irene and I don’t have it staked down. However it appears that the constant friction from the light and the plastic on the light degrading wore a hole in the middle of the trampoline. It lasted all of a summer plus part of this summer, when my kids noticed the hole but didn’t tell me till yesterday. My friends have had the same product for years without the light and without the holes. The warranty on the mat is unrealistic and I am upset at having spent $300 for something that lasted so short a time. Customer service was NO help. The rest of the trampoline seems to be fine with no rust. The only problem was the grey post covers degrade over time – but I expected that. So I am at this point stuck with a metal circle on my property and prett dang disgusted at this point..

  • mary

    First off we never owned one before. But knowing people who have we bought it and we tied it down to the ground because we live in an open space and wind can get bad. We have had no problems or troubles with ours so far. we have noticed in the short time of havin it that it is starting to rust. So the solution would be but the spray paint to prevent it from rusting. Our springs are still stiff and nothing is a miss on it.. So maybe we got lucky after reading all these but we love it. I think it’s all on how well u take care of it to be honest…

  • Melissa

    Bought the trampoline 5 months ago and the foam frame protectors are disintegrating. The little particles are coming off so heavily that when my daughter tries to jump, she always comes out crying because her eyes get particles in them. Will be taking back to Sam’s Club immediately.

  • starr mccool

    I am looking for a good trampoline I have 3 grandchildren rough when playing need recomendattions on a good one to purchase around 400.00

  • Kris Anne

    Bought this trampoline less than a month ago. Yesterday, a strong wind picked up our trampoline and blew it over. It’s completely ruined. My husband had taken the proper steps to anchor the trampoline down with sand bags (100 pounds of sand) around the base. The metal legs came apart at the joint :(

  • Tamara Neilson

    Thank you so much to all that took the time to review this..I almost bought one since was a great price and I’m on a tight budget. After seeing this, this brand is off the list and I’m going with the better rated yet decently priced skywalker

  • TiggerPooh

    I had one for 3 years and never had any issues anyone of you had. I think your cry babys. If you don’t put the net on correctly then your kid will fall out, if you have wind storms in your area DUH!, maybe you should make sure it won’t blow away. I live in sunny Cali. and I have no snow or wind storms and I put it together correctly…We loved it…any damage tear and a ruined spring was do to our carelessness (husband). We never had it blow away in 3 years. No one ever fell out but I watched to be sure all was secure. The joints came apart when we lifted it to move it (expected) we just put it back together. We did replace the foam after a year…fine no biggy, to be expected and the foam we replaced it with also had to be replaced the following year…thats what it does. Unless I want to buy the bling bling professional stuff. There is light rust but after 3 years in the rain and heat…duh. Its metal, just touch it up with paint. After 3 years we sold it for $100 on Craigslist.

  • Scared

    I just purchased one from Walmart for Christmas. It had good customer reviews. Keeping my fingers crossed, that I won’t be back to leave a bad review.

  • ScraM

    Santa brought this gift last Christmas 2010. Having same issue as many other people who have posted. Safety net enclosure rips. I was yelling at my kids about it, now it appears I owe them an apology. Beginning to think twice about replacing the netting…. so sad. WalMart should be assamed of selling a brand that appears to have a shaky reputation at best.

  • Kevin

    I purchased for daughter for Christmas (2011) I’ve had it for 6 days and the pad is stretched and lost its bounce. DO NOT BUY!!!!! As I am reading the other reviews we will not use it anymore before it rips and someone gets hurt. BIGGEST PIECE OF JUNK YOU WILL EVER BUY!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS BRAND. HORRIBLE!!!!

  • LWB

    CAUTION – READ THIS! Last year my brother and I bought two 14′ trampolines for our families for Christmas from Walmart. The kids loved them but by about 8 months of use, my net began to get holes in it from kids punching their hands or feet through it. They weren’t doing anything abnormal, just jumping and landing on the sides occasionally. I discontinued use at my home. My brother’s net that had no damage continued to be played on. On Thanksgiving his eight year-old son jumped in it and bounced on the side of the net which instantly gave way and he fell through and hit the back of his head on a concrete planter. He could have died or broken his neck. These nets are only good for about 6 months so be very careful. I don’t think the weather had anything to do with this problem as we live in a very mild climate. It was very scary.

  • chasidy

    We have had ours a week and already has no bounce! Im beyond annoyed and hoping they will replace some springs for free. We didn’t keep the box and I think we must have accidently thrown away the warranty paper. But I do have a receipt. I paid 300 bucks for this trampoline.

  • shari

    i had the same ordeal with a different company(bravo sports/variflex) and i made a complaint online with the better business bureau(bbb) and with the u.s.c.p.s.c.(united states consumer product safety commision) the people in charge of making sure products are safe….and after that i no longer got the run around and they mailed me a refund check.

  • Hollie

    Im having the same issues except mine is only been up for 2 weeks. The springs are so stretched out it hardly bounces and thats with a kid thats 130 lbs and a kid thats 50 lbs jumping on it. Also the net is starting to rip. HORRIBLE!

  • Debra Gwen

    I purchased the 12′ trampoline with safety net last summer. I live in a climate of summer heat at 100 degrees and winter cold of low 20s. Mine is holding up as well as expected with the extreme elements. My children are not allowed to purposely jump on the safety net. It is to be used in an accident, not to lean on or jump on continuously. It has been a source of great fun in our yard for children and Dults. My only serious wear is in one spot on the pad where the children get in and out.

  • Debra Gwen

    I purchased the 12′ trampoline with safety net last summer. I live in a climate of summer heat at 100 degrees and winter cold of low 20s. Mine is holding up as well as expected with the extreme elements. My children are not allowed to purposely jump on the safety net. It is to be used in an accident, not to lean on or jump on continuously. It has been a source of great fun in our yard for children and adults. My only serious wear is in one spot on the pad where the children get in and out.

  • Courtney S

    I purchased this item for my daughter after putting it together the kids got on it and the bolt busted right off. It wasnt that tight so i know it didnt break bc that then another one broke not to long after that. wow all this money for it to bust first day being used!

  • Kurt

    I bought a 12 ft tramp from walmart 2 years ago and it has been fine. I do need a new net, but it’s due to the UV rays drying it out and it ripped. I do have to laugh at most of these comments. Anyone who buys a tramp and does not properly secure it to the ground is asking for trouble. It basically a giant kite when the wind pics up. Some of the stake kits i was shown were a joke. Go to Home Depot or Lowes and get pop up trailer stakes and ratcheting tiedowns. Total cost of about $30 and much more secure than what you buy at walmart. I’ve had 5 boys running around in mine and it had held up. Seems like the sun is its worst enemy.

  • linda

    i bought a brand new tramline- at wal mart at south williamson ky-and i give 212-for and wouldnt no time until the net around the trampline fell apart-and i would like a replacement

  • Jennifer

    I am shocked to read these reviews! I have recently put our trampoline, or as my daughter would say….JUMPOLINE =) for the 3rd season. The frame remains out year round and has not rusted yet…and we live in Buffalo!! I did notice that after the 1st year the springs stretched out, but assumed it was from the whole neighborhood being on it. 2 wks after putting it up this year the safety net just started ripping all over the place!! The foam had to be trashed last year. I went online to look for a replacement net because it has been a great product thus far. However, after reading these reviews I’m thinking it would be best to just buy a new trampoline.

  • Renee

    I purchased a sportspower trampoline for my son when he was 6-7 years old. The only thing we have had to replace on it has been the padding around the edge. That was probably our fault since we leave it out all year long. My husband is terrible about storing things during the winter season. Oh, and the foam covers on the poles as well. I did however bring in the netting. This trampoline has never flipped over…it does not have an anchor and it has lasted us until this year. 2012 My son turns 12 next month. The only reason we are having to replace anything on it now? He had 5 cheerleaders over and two guys and they all decided to jump on it at the same time. By the way, it still did not flip over! The springs have worn out. Now we are trying to decide if we should just replace the springs or buy another one. I mean come on, this thing has been really good to us. The customer service however is awful! you just get an automated voice.

  • Darryl

    Just purchased a 14ft sportpower trampoline for my grand daughter installed it with my son in 2 and a 1/2 hrs with no problem. The directions were spot on. After installing it did a check to see if everything was a go, and found two snags on the mat. I went right to the phone and called service 10:00 am and got a service rep in 3 rings. I explained my problem and he said e-mail him a photo of the receipt, the model, my address, and he will sent a replacement. I received the replacement in 4 working days. and as far as it blowing away, I live in Pittsburgh, pa. on a hill should I anchor it down. DUH, yes. went to home depot bought 4 36in steel rods bent them in half and pounded them in. The unit is very sturdy… the rods were $3.50 ea and were easy to bend in a vise to shape them to fit base of frame. Anyone that doesn’t anchor is asking for trouble.I will take steps to protect the trampoline this winter by removing the net and other steps to keep it nice……

  • Bouncepro fan for life

    As a representitive from a trampoline company, and i will not discolse which one, listening to this whining and complaining is comical. TRAMPOLINES ARE DANGEROUS!!!! i.e. they require special attention such as; anchor kits, constant checking for structural safety, cloth deteriorates over time in the elements, and following the safety instructions will typically aviod all of these problems. Realizing ones desire to own a trampoline often comes with an inherant set of responsibilities that many people choose to ignore. Much like buying a car, one would not expect to return their Ford to the dealership for tire replacment due to wearing after 12 months of use. Maybe conducting minimal research before purchasing may weed out those who do not want the responsibility of maintaining a similar investment.

    • Really

      I would indeed return my tires if they didn’t last for the mileage they are rated for. Doesn’t matter if it is 12 months, 24, or even more — unless the warranty specifically says so. Speaking of expectations: Your view that a trampoline is an “investment”–similar to that of a car, no less–is precisely what I’d expect of a greasy salesperson. I’d argue that neither is an “investment”. They are both an EXPENSE.

  • cockrum

    i bought the 12 ft trampoline for my 2 kids in april….so thats 3 months the foam padding is discenagrated already….i think they should replace it for free.The springs and mats and net are good my kids dont get on the net unless they go to fall and it catches them,no worries about that its tied all the way around the bottom so noone can fall under it and its tightened enough at the top that there is a lil slack if they fall on it so it doesnt pull too much on the top and rip it down.And i only let 2-3 kids on at a time so they dont bump into each other and get hurt and i think thats why the springs are still good.Mat is getting i guess mold spots from being in the weather but to take them off you would have to take the poles apart at the top and slide it off the top cause its one continuous piece,but i like it cause ma and my brother and sister had one growing up(B4 they came out with nets)the mats were 2 seperate piesces and would come untied and fall off and move when you went to get on.I just checked out their website they have covers made of vinyl to cover the foam,that would have been nice to include in buying the trampoline even for a lil bit more in price cause it would make the foam last longer….3 months come on seriously should have included the vinyl covers.Its hot in the summer(85-100+ this summer,2012),we have decided we want to take the top poles and foam and mats,and springs and mat off for the winter (well i guess we will have to get anchors for it then so it want blow away,we have had strong winds(60-80 this summer while its up and no problem with it blowing away…maybe these ppl with bad reviews got a bad one,ours is good other than the foam disenagrating so fast). I will be contacting the customer service about the foam. I still give it a good review.

  • i bought a sportspower trampoline less than 5 months ago, the foam has fallen apart and when jumping my grand-daughter fell through the net, she only weighs 80lb, this one of the poorest quality products ever made and sold to families for the enjoyment of their children. i will never purchase anything else from this company, nor refer them. i am contacting a safety com. about the safety risk of their products. after reading all these complaints how can this company sell this product to families.

  • I purchased this item last Christmas for my kids. It was put up finally in late January. By the end of February it was falling apart already. I attempted several times to contact the manufacturer but was always given the run around and told pretty much sorry for your bad luck. Really, that’s how you run your business?!?! The “steel” rust proof bars are covered in rust, the padding was breaking apart everywhere, and not even to mention the enclosure refused to stay on the poorly designed poles. There is no way to keep the arched bars that are supposed to hold the enclosure on connected to the frame. Spend the extra money for the true value of a propel which my sister purchased at the same time for her kids and is still holding up like a champ.

  • martin

    it is a safety net not a play net.only designed to catch kids when they occasionally lose control.

  • ron

    poor customer service. appears that the same person on the answering machine is the only person in their office. I am assuming this is a Chinese company with an office in usa to answer questions. one of the support tubes was notched incorrectly so I had to go back to the store in the hopes of getting a replacement from another set. after many attempts calling the tech support the answers were very vague. luckily my daughter is only 6 and will be bored with this in a few years

  • iain mcleod

    customer service is terrible. bought this and some of the sections broke. turns out its more expensive to buy the parts than a new trampoline!! Spoke to the Customer Services manager – Peter Simmons, who was not interested in helping. This is after I sent an email and never got a reply and had to call!!! Avoid buying from this company.

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