Safest Trampoline Reviews

Alan Rickman famously said, “If you could build a house on a trampoline, that would suit me fine.” There’s something fun and wonderful about a trampoline. Kids simply love the idea of having one in their back garden and parents love the idea of healthy exercise, especially as they’ve become so safe and accessible. The choice of options has never been greater if you’re looking to buy one – but in case you were worried about your children (or indeed you!) hurting themselves, here are three particularly safety-conscious trampolines:

Plum 5ft Stardust

The Plum 5ft Stardust Trampoline and Enclosure is great value at £74.95. This trampoline works perfectly in a small area like a back garden. It’s a great starter too for younger kids (3-6 years) wanting to try trampolining. The trampoline is well made with high quality steel framed and purple weather protected thick foam pads cover the springs for safe cushioning. Your kids will always land safely too as these pads extend over the mat and frame to ensure there is no chance of any sharp edge. This trampoline is easy self-assembly and works out at a size of 140cm and a height of 180cm.

Plum 8ft Space Zone

The Plum 8ft Space Zone Trampoline & Enclosure is a great mid-range trampoline at £125.95. Its creative push-button system secure the legs to the frame. From there the self-assembly is easy as legs simply slot together and stay firmly in place whenever you move the trampoline – for example when you need to cut the grass. Many trampolines need to be taken apart completely when moved but this flexible model means when it’s built, it’s built. Built for safety, there is padding over all elements of the frame and this padding is also UV treated to protect against harmful rays from the sun. At 8ft (2.44m) in size, with a 215cm height with Enclosure this is a larger-area trampoline but a great one for the family.

Jumpking DELUXE

Last, but by no means least is the Jumpking 10ft JumpPOD DELUXE at £319.95. This is a top of the range trampoline with features to fit that billing.

The new Deluxe version offers a larger bounce and higher weight limits than lower priced trampolines due to its Eurospring design. It boasts a revolutionary design, trampoline and safety enclosure slot together as one unit into Tri-Layer sockets which greatly enhances strength, safety and durability. This means no brackets making it much easier to set up and to take down.

Thick pads over the springs and with water sealed foam, this trampoline stays in good condition and the pads are also UV treated to protect against harmful rays from the sun. Safety comes first with this trampoline with great padding and protection and a durable and well-designed structure meaning the kids have maximum fun with maximum safety.

These three trampolines, along with many others can all be found at All Trampolines, a great place to look for that perfect family gift. Why not add some “boing!” to your life with a trampoline that’s safe and great fun?


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