Prodynamo Trampoline Reviews

Prodynamo Trampolines

Prodynamo makes various models of rectangular and round trampolines. Made of materials that will never run or fray, this brand provides the safety that one desires when seeking out a trampoline. This brand is safe, reliable, and sturdy for all. Each trampoline also comes with a 7 year warranty (pads, mat, cover, and net), lifetime warrant on the frame/ladder/springs, and instructions on how to use.

Rectangular Trampolines
Prodynamo produces four different models of rectangular trampolines: MTX-900L, GS-1450, GS-1350, and G-1200.

The MXT-900L is the largest of the models, with dimensions of 10×17 feet, and is priced just above three thousand dollars. It also can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The GS-1450 is a competition sized trampoline that is made of non slip, quick drying material. This model has dimensions of 7×14 feet and is priced around twenty-five hundred dollars.

The GS-1350 is an indoor/outdoor trampoline that is designed with safety precautions in mind. It is priced around twenty-three hundred dollars and has a size of 8×12 feet dimensions.

The smallest of the models made by this company is the G-1200. This model has dimensions of 6×10 feet, is considered a model for general use, and is priced just below five hundred dollars.

Round Trampolines
Prodynamo also produces four models of round trampolines: GS-1250, GS-1100, GS-900, and GS-800.

The GS-1250 is a 15 foot, 15-sided trampoline that is made for both indoor and outdoor use. It is priced just below two thousand dollars.

The GS-1100 is an indoor/outdoor trampoline that has a 14 foot circumference. This trampoline is priced at eighteen hundred dollars.

The GS-900 is a model that the whole family can enjoy. It includes a protective net enclosure that surrounds the 12 foot trampoline and is priced just below two thousand dollars.

The GS-800 is a trampoline that is great for children ages ten and under. This 8 foot trampoline is perfect for children because it is low to the ground. It is priced just below seventeen hundred dollars.

Safety Features

As we will not recommend a trampoline that does not have good safety features, we are happy to tell you that Prodynamo makes many high quality safety enclosures. Everyone of their models has an optional safety net enclosure. Prices run from $200-$400 depending on the size, and it is well worth the investment.

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  • Lisa Nolan

    Prodynamo Trampoline site – I have been trying to purchase one of their 10X17 safety net enclosures that is on “special” on their website, however their site is having issues (won’t allow me to input my CC information) and no one has contacted me back after multiple e-mails. Is this company still in existence? Is there a contact number I can call? Help!

  • Kevin Whittier

    I just ordered one from their website and it went through fine. They only accept paypal it looks like. PayPal takes credit card payments even if you don’t have a paypal account. Good luck.

  • Jeno

    We purchased the 10×17 trampoline about a 8 months ago. It is falling apart. See list of issues below:

    1. The trampoline mat is fraying and coming apart at the spring attachments and is unsafe to use.

    2. All of the trampoline safety pads are cracking and breaking open and are deemed.

    3. The trampoline net is breaking at the attachments and is not providing the proper safety feature of securing the trampoline.

    4. The trampoline enclosure pole foams are breaking and coming apart and do not provide protection.

    5. The Trampoline cover is breaking apart from the attachments and does not cover and protect the trampoline.

    Only advice to give, is run the other way. Don’t spend your money on this garbage.

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