Parkside Trampoline Review

Parkside trampolines makes a few different lines of trampolines – circular and rectangular. Starting in 2008 though Parkside was bought out and finding new trampolines is very difficult. As of 2010, it looks like only the 14 foot model with safety enclosure is available.

Round Parkside trampolines came in:
11 foot
12 foot
14 foot

And there is an 10 x 15 foot rectangular model.

By far the most common Parkside trampoline is the 14 foot round trampoline. It provides the most jumping space so it makes sense it would be the one still for sale.

We like that replacement parts for Parkside trampolines are readily available online. You can get replacement mats and springs easily from several manufactures.

What we do not like is that the safety netting easily decays in sunlight. While it claims to be UV resistant, in all likelihood this trampoline will last an average amount of time (around 3 years) before needing repairs. If you buy one, keep on eye on it’s netting and mat to make sure they are still good.

The 14 foot model has 84 springs which is pretty standard for mid-range 14 foot trampolines. This means the bounce will be average.

All around, the Parkside trampolines are an average mid-range trampoline. Our final Parkside trampoline review is that they are nothing special, but better than some of the Walmart trampolines.

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  • Maureen

    we had the rectangular trampoline and loved it. now at 5 years it needs lots of replacement parts and we are not able to find them. would have purchased a whole new one, but can not find them any where. Bummer. Any help would be appreciated.

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