Orbounder Trampoline Review

Orbounder trampolines are made by YJ USA in Addison Texas. They make many other trampoline brands, but this page will just be anOrbounder trampoline review.

OR1213 Orbounder Trampoline / OR1413B Orbounder Trampoline

By far the most common Orbounder trampoline is the 12 foot OR1213 found at Walmart. They have also started to carry the 14 foot OR1413B. Both of these trampolines come with a safety enclosure which is good.

These are really children’s only trampolines – they have a weight limit of 200 pounds.

Quality and construction are average. But then again, for the price (often under $300) it could be a lot worse. We recommend buying the models with safety cages. Download the instruction manual.

OR1213a Orbounder Trampoline

The OR1213a Orbounder Trampoline is just like the regular 12 foot trampoline, but with slightly bent frame legs. There is no big difference between the two. Construction is the same as before so your kids will have lots of fun exercising and being outside.

Previous Models:
JK14TR12-7205 Supplemental Leg Assembly Leg and Frame Assembly Instructions
JK14EN2A-05 14ft Orbounderâ„¢ Enclosure

These are the previous models that are basically Jumpking trampolines. Again all are rated for people weighing less than 200 pounds. You will probably not find these for sale anywhere, and if you, you are better off buying the newer OR1213 or OR1413 models.

Manufacturer information:
* Extra large legs provide stability
* The jump mat is UV resistance to last longer
* All enclosure poles are fully padded
* The mat is woven to prevent snags

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  • bought a 14th orbonder trampoline with encolosure this has the worse set of installation instrustions i have ever tried to read this is my first time to put together a trampoline the step by step directions are useless you cannot make heads or tails of any of it going to put all of it back in the box and return it to the store i purchased it and buy something else another customer in the store told me before i bought it that is was hard to understand the directions that they had already bought one took all day to assemble it.

  • Eva

    Worst directions.No way 45 minutes for 2 people to put together.Took me 50 minutes just to get the round part together.Let me say I have put other brand of trampolines together and this one took me 3 hrs to get together.Leave it to my daughter to pick the worst one with directions.It was her birthday present.Hope this one last 6 yrs like my other brand did.

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