Olympus Pro Trampoline Review

With a name like “Olympus” you’d expect this brand of trampolines to be the strongest, most durable trampolines on the market, and you’d be right about that. Olympus Pro Trampolines are well known and very popular for their durability and longevity in addition to being fun for the whole family. There’s nothing better than having a reliable trampoline for your kids to play around on an with the increased strength of Olympus Pro Trampolines even adults can join in the good times.

Safety First

Olympus believes in the motto of “safety first” and their trampolines show it. Each trampoline comes with a safety net that surrounds it to prevent dangerous falls that could result in injury. Additionally the heavy duty steel parts are all padded with high-quality shock absorbing padding to ensure that no painful incidents occur. Olympus Pro Trampolines also come with ladders to help get on and off of the trampoline. This is important because jumping directly from the trampoline to the ground can lead to injury. The matting also features a 10 row stitch pattern as opposed to competitors 6 stitch for greater spring security.

The Best Durability on the Market

The main thing Olympus Pro Trampolines are known for is their legendary durability and weight capacity. With a maximum capacity of 375 lbs (over 100 lbs more than their competitors) adults can join in the fun with their children without fear of a horrible accident due to the weight capacity being exceeded. Discretion will be needed of course due to the fact that the 375 lb limit can be exceeded if a large number of heavier individuals begin to pile on the trampoline.

In addition to the highest weight capacity around Olympus Pro Trampolines also have the thickest and strongest frames around. Their frames are 2.0 mm as compared to 1.5 mm of their competition. What this means is that their trampolines not only have a higher weight capacity but also are more durable and last longer as well. Update: this might not be true, if you have any literature supporting the claims of frame thickness contact us and we can get to the bottom of this. In fact, they even offer a lifetime warranty on the rust proof steel frame because it’s so incredibly durable.


Olympus makes several different models of trampoline. The 8×15 foot rectangular trampoline is popular as are their variety of circular trampolines. The 14 foot round trampoline has been a long time favorite among trampoline enthusiasts as well. With a huge variety to choose from it is easy to find something that meets your needs as well as your budget.


Overall Olympus Pro Trampolines are the highest quality trampolines you’re going to fine. In addition to placing a strong emphasis on safety and durability they also come with a weather cover to help them last even longer. If need a top-quality trampoline that last you a lifetime Olympus Pro Trampolines are exactly what you’re looking for.

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  • Boinsaltlake

    I purchased a trampoline in Aug. of 2010 after doing some research online for the best trampoline available. I wanted to make sure my kids were safe and that I would have a trampoline that would last. I was burying my trampoline in the ground so I needed to make sure that it would be the sturdiest one I could find. the Trampoline arrived and right away I knew that I had been duped. Here are the problems that I have experienced with the trampoline since I received it: 1)the “olympus pro”logo was painted on sloppily and looked smeared and tacky. 2) I called to get a different mat that had a better logo or no logo at all and “Jeff” from customer service told me that,”they all turn out that way and that it will just wear off in a couple of weeks when the kids start jumping”. 3) the pad (covers the springs) disintegrated in 3 months. This was very frustrating since they claimed that it was the thickest most durable material etc.. 4)They said on their website that the springs are 8.5″ long, which is standard size. However, they actually measure at 8 inches which is not available anywhere else. So finding a replacement mat from anyone other than them is impossible unless you buy a new mat and all new springs. Most companies only sell 7.5 or 8.5 inch springs. 5) After having the trampoline for only 1.5 years, my babysitter was jumping on the tramp and ripped through the center of the mat! I live in Utah, the trampoline was taken down for the winter 2 winters in a row. So in reality the trampoline was only up for a total of 4 months! I feel lucky that it wasn’t one of my small children that fell through. I also feel lucky that my babysitter was not seriously injured! 6)I called HappyTrampoline.com and Trampoline Jumpers (who are the same company), to request a warranty of my mat as it had torn. They list on their website that their trampoline can is the sturdiest in the industry and that they have a 5 year warranty on the mat and a lifetime warranty on springs and frame. However, when I spoke to them about my warranty they were immediately defensive. Jeff asked me to send him a picture and a description of how it tore. I supplied him with all the necessary information as well as cutting and pasting the warranty info directly from their website. Jeff called me back and informed me that he couldn’t warranty the mat without seeing it in person and that I would need to ship it to him. I shipped him the mat at MY COST of $29, only to have them quickly deny the claim by stating that the mat could not be warrantied due to “sun damage” that is not part of the manufacturers defect. I wrote them back and requested to speak to Jeff again. At this point he would no longer take my calls and I was told that he would call me back later, which he never did. 6) The warranty is a sham. They allege that my tramp is not covered by warranty due to sun damage. I assume that since the trampoline is marketed as an outdoor trampoline that it would be pretty obvious that it would experience some sun. 7) apparently you only get a warranty on your outdoor trampoline if it is installed indoors 8) worst customer service of all time 9) buy your trampoline from a reputable company that will actually stand behind their products 10) WARNING: IF YOU ARE A PARENT AND CONCERNED ABOUT THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILDREN DO NOT BUY YOUR TRAMPOLINE FROM THIS COMPANY! MY 120LB BABYSITTER RIPPED THROUGH THE MAT DOING ROUTINE JUMPING AFTER ONLY 4 MONTHS OF USE. THIS TRAMPOLINE COULD SERIOUSLY HARM YOUR CHILD!

  • keith

    I had the same problem with Jeff Gray (customer service manager). My trampoline also fell to peices before the two year warranty had expired. He wanted me to ship the entire trampoline back to him. They did not want to replace anything they wanted to sell me a new trampoline. They do not stand behind their warranty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never buy another trampoline from this company. They claim to be the strongest in the business but I know people who have bought cheaper trampolines and they are still functional. I tore my down and hauled it off because it was no longer safe.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting, all the Olympus Pro literature indicates they are using 11 gauge steel, but then they say the thickness of the steel is 2.0 mm. This thickness of galvanized steel actually equate to a 14 gauge steel (http://www.custompartnet.com/sheet-metal-gauge). I’ve even seen one web sites selling Olympus Pro trampolines indicating it is made of 10 gauge steel, and then saying it is 2.0 mm thick as well. WOW!!! If the frame really is 2.0 mm thick, then they are blatantly lying when they say their frame are “thicker” then the competitors that run 14 gauge steel, as they are actually themselves running 14 gauge steel.

    These people say it is 11 gauage -> http://www.trampolinejumpers.com/round-trampolines/olympus-pro-round-16-foot.html

    These people say it is 10 gauge -> http://www.ijumpusa.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&product_id=46&flypage=flypage-ask.tpl&pop=0&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=60

    These people also say it is 10 gauge -> http://www.happytrampoline.com/round-trampolines/round-trampolines-16-olympus-pro.html

    In addition, only one web site lists the length of the springs, which appear to be 8.8″ long. Wow, this is easily Wal-Mart quality length. Something seems very fishy about these trampolines…

    • Trampoline

      That is some interesting information you posted. Thank you. I have lost my Olympus Pro literature and cannot investigate further. If anyone else has anymore information about the frame thickness I would love to see it.

      For the time being I am updating the review to reflect that the frame might not be as thick as claimed, and will change my recommendation in the future to reflect any more information we find.

  • Rudy

    I don’t know what you guys ^^ are talking about. I too purchased the olympus pro trampoline. And I calibrated it to make sure it is 3.0mm after reading your reviews I was skeptical myself. Not sure if you guys know how to make out gauges too mm. But 3.0mm is what I measured, and that is aprox 9 gauge steel. As for my 14×16 olympus pro xhd it is the correct specs. I’m sure yours is too. We love our trampoline!

  • Kenny

    We’ve owned our 10×17 olympus pro for over 5 years now. we live in anaheim right by the company that sells these things. Great service provider and the trampoline has been holding up great. Hooray for trampoline jumpers!

  • Julie Remke

    Does anyone know how to find a replacement trampoline? There was no instructions on the cover (a blue one comes with it). We went on vacation and covered the trampoline due to a recent storm that had gone through our area and the tree limbs could have really damaged it. Anyway, we came back from our vacation with the trampoline on the ground, filled with water. The blue cover had no holes in it to allow water to pass through. Our friend informed us, he had come over while we were gone and emptied it, but didn’t think to take the cover off, so it filled twice. Its quite stretched out. I can’t say I have had any problems with the trampoline besides the fact that it doesn’t bounce as much as it used to. We have had many kids in it at once and even adults have had no problems, so everyone’s talk on the thickness of the steel…my 225 lb. husband and kids all jump with no issues.

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