Magic Circle Trampoline Reviews

Our Magic Circle trampoline review will cover both their octagon trampolines, and their round trampolines. Additionally they make a Magic Cage safety attachment which we review too.

Magic Circle Trampolines is a proudly American trampoline company. All their trampolines have a very distinctive coloring to them. Bright primary colored safety pads (red, yellow, blue, etc) surround the mat. They also have a generous 5 year warranty. The frame is warranted for 5 years, and 1+4 years for the springs and mat.

For starters you will find strict attention to detail and craftsman. Comparing these to discount models made in China, with a ripped mat and creaky springs is like comparing apples to oranges.

Magic Circle 12′ and 13.5′ Round Trampoline Review:

The most common Magic Circle trampolines are the 12 foot and 13.5 foot round ones. Both are basically the same – the only difference is the diameter, but this is important.

The 12 foot trampoline is a good children’s sized trampoline. Can adults use it? Certainly. But for serious adult use the 13.5 foot model is more appropriate. Plus more children can fit safely on the slightly larger mat. You might expierence some frame movement if an adult bounces heavily on the 12 foot model.

Common to all Magic Circle round trampolines are:

  • .125″ galvanized steel springs
  • UV resistant permatron mat
  • 14 gauge American steel rails

Most other trampolines of this size use smaller springs and thinner railings. The stronger construction on these parts means the trampoline lasts longer, and is less likely to break. Is it safer? Definitely.

As for the bounce: these outperform cheaper and lower quality trampolines by miles. The springs are tighter, the mat is better. It’s just an all around better trampoline.

Magic Circle 16 Foot Octagon Trampoline Review:

The octagon size comes only in the 16 foot model. This is one of the largest trampolines you can buy, actually.

It’s billed as “the ultimate Magic Circle trampoline” and I agree. You could easily fit a family on here safely. It’s mat is rated for a whopping 450 pounds.

Like the round models it has very safe construction. In fact, it is even more sturdy. Their octagon model uses thicker steel than most other octagon trampolines.

Unlike other cheaper octagon trampolines, the Magic Circle 16′ octagon trampoline has a better controlled bounce. Serious trampoline athletes have said the bounce is less random and more directed. This means you get an easier, safer landing.

Magic Cage Review:

For children the real benefit is the Magic Cage system. This is Magic Circle’s safety cage that comes integrated into many of their trampolines.

This is an optional part on the trampolines but I do recommend it. Why? For one the 350 pound matting would prevent even an NFL linebacker from getting through.

The cage is also sewn into the mat so they move together. This makes it impossible for your child to get caught between the two. It also has foam padding to dampen someone hitting it.

Safety cages are proven to reduce traumatic accidents in children. And this is the one of the best safety cages in the industry.

You can get the Cage separately for the 16 foot and 13.5 foot models. It will cost you a little more to buy them separately though – plus the shipping costs will be doubled. If the safety cage is something you are interested in – which is smart – we recommend buying the combined unit. This way there is no risk of initial injury and you save money.

The Bottom Line:

Suppose you’re looking at spending $400 for an off brand trampoline. Is the extra $100-$200 you will spend on a Magic Circle trampoline worth it? Yes. Without a doubt. They make some of the most sturdy equipment available. It’s worth it for your children’s safety so they don’t go ripping through the mat or cage.

If this trampoline is for you, then you will understand it makes more sense to spend a little more upfront for something that will actually work and last for a long time.

Magic Circle trampolines can be hefty to move in the yard due to their rock-solid construction. If you are cramped for space, it is not going to be easy to move this to mow under.

And another weather related concern: if it is very windy, the Magic Cage needs to be sheltered. But this is common to any trampoline.

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  • Mark Fagenson

    We bought the Magic Circle 16′octagon trampoline last year, for our sons, ages 4 and 7. It’s gotten constant use by them, and all the other kids in the neighborhood…from age 3 to 16.
    I think trampolines are inherently un-safe, but if one can be safe, this is the one. If the kids are in/on the trampoline they have no access to the springs. The people are inside, and the springs are outside, and the two cannot meet. The Magic Cage that surrounds the jumping platform is perfect. It’s strong and it’s soft (non-abrasive) and it doesn’t just provide safety, it’s also part of the ‘fun’. Combined with the very clever ‘door’ there is no way for a kid to accidently fall off the surface onto the ground. It’s simply not possible.
    We’re into our 2nd year, and we leave it outside, unprotected, during the mid-west winter. This thing has not degraded one iota. It is in exactly the same condition it was the day we built it. We did a lot of reading about many different trampolines before buying, with safety and durability, along with the ability to move the thing around the yard (so we could cut the grass), being most important to us. We decided to invest a little more money to get what we thought would be a better product. We sure did. This trampoline is even better, in all respects, than it’s own advertising says it is. It really is ‘awesome’…we love it!

    I think I remember the maker saying it could be easily and quickly assembled by one person. Um…it probably could be, but it would have to be one very strong person. Even better if that one really strong person was really big.
    BUT…it WAS quickly and relatively easy to assemble when my wife and I worked as a team. Neither of us is big, or strong, but we built it in just over an hour. Having done it once, we could probably now build another one in less than an hour. As far as moving it around the yard…the same thing. One big, strong person could probably easily drag it around. I can’t…but my wife and I, working together can easily move it as far as we want to.

    This is a fantastic product…if it weren’t I certainly wouldn’t be spending my time writing this…I have two little boys…I’m a busy person, but this is just such a superior product…


  • mary wilson

    Where can I purches a magic circle trampoline I do not see a link from this page.

  • A. Reed

    I purchased a Magic Circle trampoline (the octagon, 16-foot one) five years ago. This is an outstanding product. We have been so pleased with it. My daughter has been jumping on this trampoline almost daily for five years. She is in great shape — toned and trim and in great health. Many of her school friends have unfortunately become overweight. I believe that this trampoline has been the best exercise my daughter could have, because it is fun and doesn’t seem like exercise to her. The quality is great, the customer service is truly excellent, and the Magic Circle company stands behind its product. My one bit of advice, if you are buying one, is to upgrade to the “continuous pads” that cover the springs. SOmetimes cheaper pads, which are thinner, and which come in individual sections that leave gaps inbetween each section, are given away free. It is very much worth it to upgrade to the continuous pad, which is thicker and which does not have open “cracks” in between pad sections as the freeby does. (We know a boy who badly cut his leg open when his foot plunged between the cracks of the freebie pads.) But back to the Magic Circle trampolines — we feel like this is the best trampoline on the market. Several families in our neighborhood have trampolines, and people have commented on the superior quality of our Magic Circle trampoline compared to the others.

  • Antonio Macias, PhD

    We have had this trampoline for 3 years and we are very very happy with it. My 4 daughters (12 yrs old and under) have continuous fun and the safety net is awesome and sturdy. I have strongly recommended it several times and would buy it again when needed, no regrets at all. Also, the customer service from the manufacturing company is truly awesome. 
    * When buying it, getting the hook for the strings is extremely helpful for assembly.
    * Also get a (removable) ladder for easy access.
    * The “free” pads do deteriorate (but not drastically), mainly the one located by the entrance. I just rotate them and store them during winter.

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