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Are you looking for trampolines for sale? If so, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will find various reviews that wil prove to be helpful should you finally decide to buy a trampoline. There are plenty of trampolines sold in the market, so it’s up to you, the consumer, to choose the best one. One way to make the best choice is by reading reviews such as the one writtern below. Continue reading below to get useful tips and guides.

It’s time to get serious. Of every trampoline out there, what is the best trampoline? Much will depend on your budget – but for those seeking the best of the best, here are the top 4 trampoline brands:

#1: AlleyOop
By far the best trampoline you can find is the AlleyOop DoubleBounce. It has a patented DoubleBounce system that actually uses two different mats to provide superior bounce.

It was created to be as safe as possible and still let you jump as high as possible. By using two different mats they claim to reduce the risk of injury by being 50% more forgiving of bad landings, being better for heavy jumpers, and providing for more of the mat to be useful.

The safety netting is extremely strong. It also has a patented method to be 4x more durable than other comparable nets and 5x stronger. Also, when you climb into the trampoline there are no doors – you can enter anywhere through the net and it easily overlaps back to close up.

The frame is made from very thick steel and finished in a sturdy powder coating. All these trampolines have a generous lifetime warranty o the frame and poles, too. Because of all these pluses, the AlleyOop DoubleBounce wins in our best trampoline reviews.

#2: JumpSport

JumpSport is the flagship brand of JumpSport Trampolines. Unlike AlleyOop the safety nets are sold separately.

What we like about JumpSport is these are solidly American made trampolines with high quality parts and safety features. And the prices are comparable to what you would pay for a “cheaper” Walmart trampoline that will break totally in 2 years.

The steel springs are very sturdy and designed to retain their size after several years, and have a 2 year warranty on the low end. This means the trampoline will always bounce well. Also, the mat is designed to last at least twice as long as other brands.

The frame is made of 1.5mm thick steel and comes powder coated too. This means it will not rust. They also have a trademarked DD Sure-Lok system that will prevent your trampoline’s frame from warping.

Also, the mats that JumpSport uses are stitched 250% more than most other trampolines.

We rank JumpSport well because of the high quality construction, the long life you will get out of the mat, and the very reasonable price.

#3: Magic Circle

Rounding out the top three best trampoline reviews is Magic Circle. Why? It is because of their sturdy construction. From our Magic Circle trampoline reviews you can see more.

But in general Magic Circle trampolines are “built like a tank” and provide a good bounce. Their safety netting is extremely strong and will provide a high level of safety to both adults and children.

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  • Diane Paul

    What do you think of the Trampoline Olympus Pro trampoline?

  • Kenny

    Diane Paul.. I think the Olympus Pro trampolines are one of the best from I feel this article is biased.. I am not sure if you’ve owned both. Well my family has owned both the jumpsport elite and Olympus Pro brands. And to tell you the truth they both do the same job and if anything the Olympus Pro gives us a higher jump and doesnt feel as saggy. The bounce on it is much tighter then of the jumpsport. Besides that the other major difference is the price point. Imho the jumpsport is overly priced. You can get a basic 14′ olympus pro for well under a $1000. You won’t find those prices with Jumpsport.

  • Lisa Massardo

    Have you any comment on Infinity trampolines? I saw their website and they looked sturdy. The price point is where I want to be as well.

    • Kelly

      Did you end up with an infinity? I am trying to decide bw an Infinity and olympus pro. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • Mandy

    Has anyone purchased the Infinity 15′ round trampoline? Reviews would be appreciated…

  • Jim

    I just received the Olympus pro heavy duty 14′ combo. After unpacking it and assembling, I see that the mat has the Olympus logo, as well as Infinity Bounce on it. They must be the same company going under two different names. The setup was easy, I put it together solo. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the safety net, (according to the instructions) is supposed to have clips to fasten it to the mat underneath. It doesn’t. Instead there’s about 30 or so straps that you have to tie, which is a pain, when it should have had clips. My daughter loves it so far.

  • Debbie

    So many trampolines to look at and choose from!! I also narrowed it down to Infinity and Olympus Pro, for best quality / safety for the price.

    Thinking of 12′ because of smaller backyard … will that be large enough for 2 kids (10 and 12) to enjoy as they grow?

    Did any of you recent posters end up buying either of these brands? What size? Are you happy with it?

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