Aosom Trampoline Review

Aosom makes a wide range of circular trampolines:

8 foot (with enclosure)
10 foot (with enclosure)
10 foot (with enclosure)
13 foot (with or without enclosure)
14 foot (with or without enclosure)
15 foot (with or without enclosure)

The retail prices are pretty good for what you get.


We are pleased with the quality that Aosom uses. Unlike some other of the consumer level backyard trampolines, Aosom’s trampolines are made with good quality.

For example the weight ratings on many other cheap trampolines are less than half of what Aosom trampolines can support. This is a big indicator of it being safe for your children.
8 foot – 280 pounds
10 foot – 280 pounds
12 foot – 280 pounds
13 foot – 330 pounds
14 foot – 330 pounds
15 foot – 375 pounds

As you see, 375 pounds can safely hold your kid and his friends, or 2 adults and a child. We like that.

Aosom has a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee if bought direct.

The frame is made of strong galvanized steel. You can setup these trampolines generally in under 2 hours but it is not a 1-person job.


We have two problems with Aosom trampolines. One is there is no manufacturer warranty. High end trampolines (but they also cost more) come with up to a 5 year warranty. Aosom does not.

Also there is a problem with the spring cover. In all the models they are held on with some elastic clamps. But if you end up accidentally jumping on the cover, these clamps have no room to move and they break off.

A minor problem really though, and not one that should prevent you from buying what is otherwise a very good value.

The Bottom Line:

Aosom trampolines are a good value. They have good safety netting enclosures, are built well, and can safely support your children.

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  • Monica

    We purchased the 8′ round trampoline 3 years ago for christmas for our children, now 6 and 3. I have only one complaint, the encloser has rotted away. The first to go were the clips that hold the doorway of the encloseure shut, in the spring after we purchased it, the yellow nylon crumbled to dust in our hands. Now the foam and the part of the enclosure that cover the poles has disintigrated. We can no longer allow our children to play on the trampoline. I have been searching for a replacement enclosure, but it has been difficult to find one that isn’t double the price we paid for the whole thing!

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