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Alleyoop trampolines are made by JumpSport, Inc as part of their safer and higher-end product line. In this Alleyoop trampoline review you will learn about their safety features, performance, and hopefully feel more comfortable before purchasing such an expensive trampoline.

Olympic style trampolines are 10×17 feet and rectangular in shape. This style of trampoline is available from some specialty companies like AlleyOop Trampolines. AlleyOop offers two models in the 10′x17′ size.

Before we start though I want to go ahead and mention the price for Alleyoop trampolines: $1399+

Yes, that is a lot of money.

And yes – it is worth it. Here’s why:

#1 – Safety Features

All Alleyoop models have strong safety features due to their mat systems. I will tell you more about the different types of mats later in this review. But in general, they have a variety of different mats that should be both safe and powerful.

#2 – Alleyoop is built to last

They provide a very generous lifetime warranty on the frame and poles. These parts are built of galvanized metal so they should be sturdy.

I went poking around the Internet looking for some other Alleyoop trampoline reviews, and every where I looked people are in agreement.

#3 – Performance

Alleyoop trampolines come in 1 of 3 styles – “Variable Bounce” or “Power Bounce” or “Double Bounce.” Here’s the difference:

Variable Bounce:
The Variable Bounce model is one of the best trampolines on the market. The construction and design of this trampoline guarantee that it is both safe and highly durable. Their new extra stretch, 10 inch springs provide a consistent, strong bounce that doesn’t fade with long term use. If you’re interested in learning the tricks and techniques of gymnastic trampoline, a high quality trampoline like this one is an absolute must.

Power Bounce:

The Power Bounce model offers all of the same features as the Variable Bounce plus a few extras. The weight limit of the Power bounce is 350 pounds! (Variable Bounce weight limit is 225 pounds) Although these are the official ratings, both trampolines have been tested at over 800 pounds. The Power Bounce was also rated as the best bounce in it’s class.

Both models have a ground clearance of 40 inches. This is higher than the average trampoline and allows for safer and higher jumping, especially for adults. Both also come with AlleyOop’s patented safety enclosure system to prevent accidental falls.

Double Bounce: The Double Bounce models offers a revolutionary new double spring bed with air shock technology that reduces the risk of injury while also enhancing the bounce. Basically, it is like jumping on 2 mats at once.

PowerDoubleBounce: This is the Power and Double bounce mat options combined.

AlleyOop also manufactures a range of 12 and 14 foot round trampolines. All of these models come with the quality construction and durability of an AlleyOop product and include safety nets. Check out the full product line to find the best trampoline for you.


Price – I know not everyone can spend over $1,300 for a trampoline. For many families there simply isn’t room in the budget for it, and you might be tempted to purchase a cheaper one (but that is poorly made, has a bad warranty, and is flat out dangerous)

In a perfect world the level of safety and craftsmanship that Alleyoop exhibits would be the standard. It would drastically cut down on trampoline injuries and throwing money down the drain on bad trampolines. But this isn’t the case, so you have to pay more for it.

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  • Karen Casile

    Our ally oop trampoline blew over in the wind, after being professionally installed by playground world. the trampoline was only a few years old yet their was $1500.00 worth of damage. No one told us that you can buy anchors for less than $50.00 – professionally installed Don’t waste your money!

  • George Sheer

    We purchased the alley opps trampolines less than 2 years ago. The frame rusted to the point where it’s dangerous to use. I called the customer service and they said they don’t warranty against rust. So I basically bought a pile of scrap metal. I asked for their owner, Mark, and he won’t get on the phone. The family picture about kids safety is a bunch of crap.

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