Airzone Trampolines Reviews

Airzone makes a very large range of different trampolines. They are commonly found on Amazon and in Walmart. The company that makes Airzone also makes Variflex. You can read our Variflex trampoline review here.

Airzone trampolines have 2 different product lines – trampolines with steel springs, and trampolines that use plastic bands (spring-free). Our Airzone trampolines reviews will cover both. Also, the spring models are also sold with an optional safety enclosure.

All Airzone trampolines are sold in the following sizes:

8 foot
12 foot
13 foot
14 foot

Additionally, the spring trampoline is available in a 15 foot model. The springless trampolines is available in a very small 55inch model too for small children.


When you go to buy one of these, we recommend the spring trampolines. While some studies have shown the rubber band style to be safer, the Airzone springfree trampolines are very hard to use. The bands simply do not rebound well and it can be an exhausting experience to jump on them. For that reason we recommend buying the traditional spring sizes instead. And always keep on eye on any children using it.

Safety Features

The safety enclosure is always a recommended accessory for all trampolines. The Airzone trampoline safety system is not the best out there, but there are worse. It is made of thinner metal and can be easily be broken or torn off. While it’s not much, it’s still better than nothing.


Installation is easy on all Airzone models. You can have it up and bouncing in under 2 hours which is nice.

Unfortunately, the pad does not hold up very well in either model. Airzone only provides a very limited 6 month warranty in many states for the pad. While this normally is not a problem, on Airzone trampolines the outer safety pad is actually woven into the bounce mat. So a failure on either part would require the whole unit to be replaced.

With only a 6 month warranty, and many reports of pad and mat failure, we are troubled by this. If you live in a very sunny state you will probably get only 1 summer’s worth of enjoyment out of an Airzone trampoline. For the price there are better value trampolines out there for you.

For people not living in such sunny areas, you will get an average life-span out of the Airzone trampolines. We still recommend shopping around and considering a slightly more expensive model (up front) that can easily last 5 times longer than the Airzone will.

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