Jumppod Trampoline Reviews

Jumppod trampolines are another discount brand like Orbounder and Jumpking. They make two different models that are average. . . . → Read More: Jumppod Trampoline Reviews

Orbounder Trampoline Review

Orbounder trampolines are a value brand. You see them frequently for sale at discount stores, and this Orbounder trampoline review shows that for the price you could do worse. . . . → Read More: Orbounder Trampoline Review

Trampoline Safety (Part 2)

Some more information from last video. This time around Dr. Marie Lozon shares with you some tips to keep your kids safe in their new Christmas present – a trampoline.

Variflex Trampoline Review

Variflex trampolines are a common discount store trampoline. In this Variflex trampoline review we explain the difference in the springless models and examine the construction, quality, and safety. . . . → Read More: Variflex Trampoline Review

Magic Circle Trampoline Reviews

Our Magic Circle trampoline review will cover both their octagon trampolines, and their round trampolines. Additionally they make a Magic Cage safety attachment which we review too.

Magic Circle Trampolines is a proudly American trampoline company. All their trampolines have a very distinctive coloring to them. Bright primary colored safety pads (red, yellow, . . . → Read More: Magic Circle Trampoline Reviews

Trampoline Safety

Critical information about how to best protect your children when they play on a trampoline. It’s a fun and rewarding activity, but always have your children be safe.

Enjoy Rebounding on Trampolines Safely

The founders of modern trampoline are two Americans named, George Nissen, an expert driver and a great gymnast of his time and Larry Griswold, a trapeze artist. It was the happening of 1936 when they both invented this incredible device. This device is comprised with a sturdy section of fabric dragged firmly and . . . → Read More: Enjoy Rebounding on Trampolines Safely

Trampolines for Physical Therapy

In this video, Eddy Anderson – the founder of rebound therapy – talks about why every child needs a trampoline.

Rebounding DVD – “Rebound for the Health of It”

Thanks to Sharron Ribeiro and her Exercell team for this expert from “Rebound for the Health of it” DVD. I think you will find trampolines are excellent for health!

The Fundamentals of Trampoline Safety

Trampoline is a great instrument for patio play as it promotes both the health and wellness. While there are some safety measures along with this instrument, such drawbacks are negligible as compared to the benefits. It builds up stamina, enhances your motor expertise and is considered as a great tool for exercise. If . . . → Read More: The Fundamentals of Trampoline Safety