Trampoline Reviews

Trampolines are very fun toys. Great for kids of all ages, adults, and even professional athletes – or anyone looking to bounce, jump, or just have fun. With our extensive collection of trampoline reviews we are sure there is a trampoline for you.

If you are just looking for some quick recommendations click here for our best trampoline reviews – they will help you get the top value and are all rated very high for safety.

Maybe you want mini trampolines for your young children. Or a springfree trampoline for the best in safety and performance. Even athletes wanting professional trampolines will find what they need. Everything from round trampolines to enclosures are reviewed here.

You need to be aware of the trampolines size, padding, quality, and most important trampoline safety. Without them all your exercise and jumping can be harder. For example a jumbo trampoline needs big mats which can rip easily. So to avoid injuries you want a durable and quality trampoline for the best value. Every trampoline review on this site will explain what you need to know.

Kinds of trampolines:

You will find many kinds of trampolines for sale online and in person. Of these, the largest four are:

1. Mini trampolines – these are smaller in size (under 8 feet) and are often just 2 feet across. Perfect in size for small children or kids, mini-trampolines are portable and can even have safety equipment. You can buy these and keep them for a few years because your great children will out-grow it.

2. Rectangular trampolines – these are an uncommon style for consumers and children, but for professionals they are widely used. You will find the rectangle can be 8×10 feet, or even 12×15 feet across. Such sizes provide the best bounce and lift for jumping high. Even heavy bouncers can fit on this size. Even without springs they can support lots of weight and are great fun.

3. Square – Some people prefer square trampolines because they fit easier. But like rectangular ones, they are more commonly used by pros. We do not have many reviews of square trampolines, but many customers have reported they are lots of fun for rebounding and exercise. Parts are easy to find and if you get a good design it will last for years.

4. Circular trampolines – When people think of bouncing on a trampoline outdoor, they think of circular (aka round) trampolines. Common sizes are 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot, and 14 foot wide circles. They are made with springs or are springfree, have a mat, and also have pads. If you choose to get a safety enclosure – which is always the best bet for your kids fun to prevent injuries – there are many options available.

Important Trampoline Parts

Now some people have asked us about what parts they should be aware of when looking to buy. For example, the biggest part people see is the mat, but there are other pieces to the device.

Because of this confusion, we include in our trampoline reviews information about the frames. It is in our opinion the part that makes the device fun and safe, or of poor quality and can cause injuries. For your trampoline buying experience pay close attention there.

A trampoline frame is the biggest part of this equipment. It holds all the springs onto the mat. You bounce on the mat and land on it too. A good frame will be sturdy and held to the ground so it works the best. Even a round trampoline uses a frame, so always find a good sturdy construction for this part.

The tubing is the steel used for this. It should be galvanized to prevent rust. You can also get tiedowns to prevent the frame from blowing away. Trust me – nothing is worse than having your $800 trampoline blow away during a windstorm! Even if doesn’t break, the mat or pads can be ripped them. Or the frame could even bend beyond repair.

There is also the mat and springs. These are indeed important parts of the trampoline, and without them it will not provide the right bounce. Some newer trampolines built with safety in mind are springfree. This means they do not have any springs for your kids to get pinched or injured on. While they are more expensive, can you put a pricetag on piece of mind and health?

Because of this fact it makes more sense to purchase a high quality trampoline that will last for years. Sure it might be a little more expensive but it will be better. So as you compare prices in our trampoline reviews, we point out some good brands.

While there are countless brands of trampolines out there, here are some of the most common manufacturers:

1. Jumpsmart
2. Magic Circle
3. Variflex Airzone
4. Springfree
5. Doublebounce

Trampoline Safety

And of course the biggest thing to keep in mind – no matter if you are just a kid or a professional – is to practice good trampoline safety and prevent injuries.

The best way to stay safe while jumping for fun or exercise is to always use a safety cage or safety enclosure. While a safety net will also work, they might accidently open up. A full enclosure will be the safest.

Also of high importance are tiedowns and regular checkups. Don’t let your kids bounce without supervision either. There is also no style or size of equipment that is safer or less safe than any other. Accidents can occur on any size of trampoline when they are not maintained, do not have safety devices in place, or the jumper is careless. We are not trying to scare you – far from it.

In fact we think when used properly and safely trampolines are the best piece of recreation and fitness equipment you can buy. They just make sense because of all the benefits. It is just that jumping on anything can be dangerous, but many people and customers still have lots of fun outdoors on them.

Top 3 Uses Of Trampolines

Lots of people know how much fun just jumping can be. Even for just a few minutes a day it can be so much fun for young children and adults alike. But there are also lots of different things to try:

1. Exercises. We all know how important exercises can be. In fact, some people refer to their trampoline as their own personal exercise trampoline because that is all they buy it for. If this sounds like you, get one with a study mat and durable frame. Jumping on trampolines is great for your cardiovascular system, lymph system, and all around health and vitality. it is so invigorating!

2. Fun. Let’s face it – kids love to have fun, and there is not much funner than jumping around. As long as proper safety measures are in place, children can use a trampoline with friends and family alike for hours of outdoor fun in the backyard or gym.

3. Rebounding. This is a newer health practice, but it can only be done on a trampoline. That is why we have extensive rebounding trampoline reviews available for consumers. You can find out more about rebounding online, but in general it supports a strong well balanced body. It can also be done as an at-home exercise for busy moms, students, and anyone wanting to get fit.

Ordering Trampolines Online

Of course we hope you browse our site and find the perfect trampoline for you and your kids. But there is going to the concern of ordering online. Since trampolines can weigh many pounds and are large, shipping is going to be your main concern when ordering online. Check shipping details and rates before ordering. But most places will offer free or reduced shipping for your purchase.

With our website you can find the best trampoline for you and your family. So order online safely and securely. In fact many of the trampolines listed here can be purchased securely using SSL encryption so your personal information is safe and secure. All modern web-browsers support this so do not be afraid.

About our trampoline reviews:

Using both customer reviews as well as expert opinions we have compiled the largest list of trampoline ratings and reviews. You will find our helpful reviews to be useful when you are trampoline buying. Of course trampoline safety is our main focus, then quality, design, shipping, and fun.

Every review on our site has information about the sizes available. What size you want to get it really up to your own unique needs. Exercise? Fitness? Do you have lots of kids? Take it all into account by the weight ratings and go from there. When in doubt get a little bigger trampoline than you think you need – that will make it safer and heavier.

Many customers also like you leave comments on our reviews. You are welcome to do this as well. If you find a trampoline review you think is wrong, let us know. Email us if it helped you or your kids have fun jumping too!

Some good trampoline accessories

Springs – these are needed because it is easy to fix. Sometimes a trampoline can break, and adding a new spring into it can add more bounce. This is easier than adding a new frame.

Trampoline safety nets – we recommend that all kids and professional bouncers always use a safety net. There is simply no better tool for trampoline safety as these. Even if you are using mini trampolines, safety should be your number one priority. This will prevent injuries.

Bumper pads – these are good tools for an active and safe trampoline. Your kids will stay safe during exercise and jumping. You can even get durable colored bumper pads to match.

Trampoline enclosures – just like a safety net, these products are great for fun and safety. We consider the enclosure to be like a safety net, only larger. No matter the size – 14 foot, 8 foot, or even 12 foot – there is a quality enclosure for your performance and fun.

So please read all our trampoline reviews and remember that staying safe and having fun are the number one priorities.