Trampoline Safety (Part 2)

Some more information from last video. This time around Dr. Marie Lozon shares with you some tips to keep your kids safe in their new Christmas present – a trampoline.

Trampoline Safety

Critical information about how to best protect your children when they play on a trampoline. It’s a fun and rewarding activity, but always have your children be safe.

Trampolines for Physical Therapy

In this video, Eddy Anderson – the founder of rebound therapy – talks about why every child needs a trampoline.

Rebounding DVD – “Rebound for the Health of It”

Thanks to Sharron Ribeiro and her Exercell team for this expert from “Rebound for the Health of it” DVD. I think you will find trampolines are excellent for health!

Trampoline Exercises

In this video, young Petter demonstrates some trampoline exercises. Notice the safety cage and size of the trampoline. A good setup that your children would like!

Rebounding to Cure Depression

What if you could make your self happier and help your mood with trampoline exercises? Watch this video to learn how.

Trampoline Stunts – the Super Double Flip

Wow! Your kids can get some great exercise on a trampoline. No more sitting around on the couch – get them outside and active.

Trampolines to Lose Weight

Did you know that trampolines can make you lose weight?

It’s true!

Finding a good trampoline is essential to making the most of your health.

Trampoline Stunts

Wow! Ok, so I don’t think I would ever do any if these stunts… but these are very cool.

Rebounding Exercise Introduction

Many people buy trampolines for rebounding. This video is a good introduction to why you want to find a good rebounding trampoline.