Enjoy Rebounding on Trampolines Safely

The founders of modern trampoline are two Americans named, George Nissen, an expert driver and a great gymnast of his time and Larry Griswold, a trapeze artist. It was the happening of 1936 when they both invented this incredible device. This device is comprised with a sturdy section of fabric dragged firmly and fixed to a frame made of steel with the help of several coiled springs. In fact, the player bounces on it not because of the elastic nature of fabric but because of the coiled springs attached with the frame. Trampoline is equally popular among every age of people.

Bouncing and rebounding are very entertaining activities and obviously it is very easy as well. It helps the people to keep in shape and continue to retain this shape. The rebounding on the surface of a trampoline improves the mechanism of our muscular, lymphatic and cardiovascular system. That is the reason why fitness experts suggest rebounding on this device.

As mentioned earlier, rebounding is an enormously funny activity and once you taste it you will be an addictive of it. While having fun on Trampoline you would not like to stop because of the enjoyment involves with it but at the same time it is quite beneficial for your fitness as well. But before going to rebound you should grasp some guidelines about trampoline safety.

Never go to rebound just after eating

As rebounding is a game which involves continuous ups and downs so it is not wise to jump on trampoline just after having your lunch or breakfast; it may cause abdominal problems. You may experience uncomfortable and a sensation in your stomach which will take some time to be off.

You should have water nearby you when you are rebounding as the water of your body vapours in the form of sweat while rebounding. Therefore it is advisable to consume good amount of water in short spans of time. Try to avoid energy drinks as water is enough powerful to avoid dehydration. But if you really feel the need of energy boosters you can take.

Confirm the stability of Trampoline

It is the most important trampoline safety issue. If trampoline is not well balanced there are always the chances of an accident. Spend enough time in adjusting the trampoline. Check every screw and spring to be sure about the stability. Also make sure that the ground is dry and there is no liquid dribble as it may cause some small sized trampolines to behave unpredictably. Be sure that everything is in the right order.


Next significant trampoline safety measure is enough stretching of every body part before rebounding otherwise you may feel sprain or wrench. Always perform all the essential stretches for legs, head, arms and especially back. Remember, missing to stretch your body is the most important safely risk therefore always keep it in mind.

Along with above safety measures, you should also follow the right dress code. Tight and sticky clothing may pose trouble for you. Avoid such clothes and any additional accessories because it may clip somewhere and hurt you. In fact, you should use specially designed suits and shoes while rebounding on trampoline. 


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